Ebbs, Flows, and the Nutcracker

Ebb and Flow describes this past weeks – emotionally, physically, mentally… We have had some good times with people, some frustrations causing stress, we have felt alert and out-of-it – and that’s mostly because of a virus working its way through (and hopefully out of) our bodies. Court has taken the brunt of it with congestion, coughing, and soreness – yet she has actually taken time to lay on the couch and rest.
I had a couple of frustrating days at the beginning of the week…not one thing exactly, but enough to steal the joy and peace.
Anyway, in the midst of all that, we still had tickets for the Nutcracker ballet on Wednesday night. (An amazing thing about living here is that people love ballet, opera, etc… AND tickets are accessible to everyone. Tickets started at $5. We payed $20 and sat 14 rows from the orchestra pit.) We decided to make the attempt to go. WOW! What a great evening. The inside of the opera house is probably the most beautiful building interior I have seen in Latvia. The orchestra played wonderfully and the main dancers performed exquisitely. We had a nice walk home, and the fresh air and exercise did us both some good.
We are constantly reminded that God is faithful and good. We have hope that is steadfast. Even if circumstances don’t always seem good, we can trust that God will not abandon us – and that God will always provide those things necessary for us to live in hope and peace.


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  1. Hate to hear of the obstacles this week, but glad you had the wonderful distraction of music and dance. I’ve walked by the opera house on several of my extended walking tours of Riga. Really intend to get inside one day. God bless you both, or all three, during this time of waiting.

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