A Sleepless Night in Riga

Tonight is one of those sleepless nights. You know the ones in which you toss and turn yourself into dreams of strange settings with people you haven’t seen in years – if ever at all – only to wake thinking about how to get done all the things you feel you need to do, yet still wondering what brought all the eclectic thoughts together to produce the weird dream sequence… and all of it rambles on and runs together like this sentence.

As I type I can hear Court sleeping peacefully. This is good. She has had a couple of long and intense weeks – good things, yet still a lot considering she is growing a baby. She will probably be awake in about 40 minutes as that is when the baby usually starts the gymnastics for the day.

I didn’t want my tossing and turning to disturb her, so I thought I would get up and blog… hence, the next two entries…


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