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pictures and pronounciations

Hi All, we have had a few requests on pronounciation. first, you say the word ‘year’ and then put an ‘a’ on the end and say it again – ‘yeara’. Okay, now just add a ‘k’ sound in front (don’t say the letter ‘k’, rather just make the sound that ‘k’ makes like when you say the word ‘kiss’). put all of that together and you get ‘kyeara’ – two syallables. hope that makes sense.

now on to the photos. I think that if you click on them that they will open up bigger.



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Introducing Ceara Louise Randall

We welcome with joy and thanksgiving Ceara Louise Randall who was born on 20.June.2009 at 3.25am EEST (Eastern European Sunlight Time). She was 3.575kg (about 7lb. 13oz.) and 56cm (about 22 inches). Courtney is healthy. Ceara is healthy. Pictures will be posted in the next few days.

so, how did it happen? Dan went to the camp in Liepaja on the 17th because Summer Staff Training started on the 18th. Courtney had a doctor’s appointment on the 19th so they could look at the baby and decide what to do. Courtney went thinking they would induce on Monday, the 22nd, if the baby didn’t come naturally before then. Well, at this appointment on the 19th, the doctor decided they should induce immediately. Meanwhile Dan is doing errands in Liepaja for the camp with plans to return to Riga Monday morning. Courtney phones at 9.45am – “They are inducing labor now. You have a few hours, but come when you can.” Dan arrives in Riga at 5.30pm. Courtney is walking around, yet becoming more and more uncomfortable – her lower back really started hurting. She gets an epidural around 7.45pm. She fully dialates around 11.30pm. The pushing starts around 1.15am. Ceara is born at 3.25am.
The mid-wife and the doctor did a fantastic job – we thank God for their skill and their compassion.
While we are healthy, we are also very tired – so hopefully more thoughts will come later.


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…and the wait continues…

well – today the doctor said that the baby is healthy in the belly and Courtney is healthy and therefore we will wait another few days… so we continue to wait…

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No Baby Yet

Hello – Yep, this is the place to check for baby news, yet, as of now, no baby. We will keep this place updated with baby news. Please keep praying for us as we await Peanut’s arrival.

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