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Racapturing the Wonder

We came down to Wesley Camp on Sunday for a few days. Nothing is going on here – Well, at least no program, no event, no set schedule. What is going on here? Well, the apples are dropping from the trees. The birds are in full chorus. You can walk around outside and hear the waves crashing on the shore through the trees. We came down at Court’s suggestion. She thought (and I fully agree!) that we need to recapture the wonder of this place. This summer we had different people comment on the beauty of this place, on the holiness they felt here, on the ways they encounter God here… yet most of the time, I could see only work still needing to be done, I could hear only criticism, and I could feel only hurt. I need to recapture the wonder of this place.
I collected about 15 ripe plums from one full branch this morning with plans to get a ladder and collect more this evening. Court has cleaned out the fridges after a summer of use (and leftovers…some of the items were unidentifiable, to say the least!). Yesterday she did some weeding around a new garden spot. I did some work on the old pump house, on a drain off the large building, and more prep work on the new parking area. We cleaned and prepared for a small group who will have a retreat this weekend. We feel good about this place. We thank God for this place.
We thank God for our little girl who amazes us with her smile, her cooing, her sleeping, her bubble blowing…
We still have a long way to go with healing (more on that in another blog, I hope) yet these past few days have been a blessing.


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