Moving on … Sort of

We are moving on … and while we know the next step we still do not know about the future.

Tomorrow (15th) we will fly to Charlotte to spend some time with Courtney's parents. And that, friends, is our next step. Your questions probably echo some of ours: How long will we spend in Charlotte? Where will we work in the future? Where will we live? When will we move? Where will baby #2 be born?

We don't know the answers to any of these questions.

Sometimes this can lead to a bit of tired frustration and uneasiness. Yet we believe that God will make the way clear to us. Our faith is stretched as we look into the unknown of the future. The other night we ate dinner with some friends in a similar situation, and one of them reminded us (and I paraphrase) , "hey, if i know where i will be in two months or two years, then I won't really trust – I'll just try to make it happen on my own."

We know that we have God-given gifts and abilities, and we want to use them in the best way possible – that the world and people in this world will know God's love in ever deeper and truer ways. We don't want to take a job for the sake of having a job – we could have had those by now. We want to work out of the callings on our lives and the passion in our lives.

I could write in many different directions, but I need to finish packing for the morning flight.


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  1. praying for y'all and your ministry wherever the Lord is leading you! you guys are wonderful and I always look back fondly on the time Brandon and I were blessed to be serving along side you two. i miss y'all! much peace and joy as you progress in your journey! 🙂

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