“Where Did Baby Jesus Go?”

This morning we drove a familiar route with the kids. For the past six weeks a house on this route has had both the Nativity and Santa with his reindeer displayed in the front yard. EVERY time we drove by Ceara would say, “Baby Jesus. Santa. Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas.”

The owner took it down this week, and this morning as we drove by Ceara asked, “Where did baby Jesus go? Where is Santa?” The first response that came to mind gave me pause and stuck with me as I drove through the snow. “The people put him away until next Christmas,” were the words that came to mind. Yes, the Nativity and Santa scenes go away until next Christmas. Yet I began to think about ways we might be tempted to put Jesus away for the next 10 months until the good cheer, smiles, and nice-not-naughty time comes around again.

I don’t have any further thoughts at this time, but I just wanted to share something Ceara made me think about this morning.


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