My Hope Lives On

Last night, Courtney and I went to an Andrew Peterson concert for date night. AP not only puts on good show, yet he also weaves his gifts of storytelling, humor, song-writing, and deep faith into a beautiful tapestry for the heart, soul, body, and mind.


It felt refreshing to soak in the deep truth his songs offered, reminding me in light of this past week, that we belong to a bigger story – a better story – than death, tragedy, ad despair. In fact God’s story for all of creation resounds with redemption, restoration, and rejuvenation.
He started with “All Things New,” after a few songs and stories made his way to “Lay Me Down,” and he ended with “After the Last Tear Falls.”
I wish he would have sung “In The Night (My Hope Lives On)”, yet time constraints from the venue prevented him from performing these gems. On the other hand, though, maybe he didn’t need to sing them as those familiar with his music would have played them internally building on the truths of hope and grace and peace.
Thank God for a blessed and gifted musician like Andrew Peterson.
Click on the links to these songs to listen to them on YouTube.

All Things New

Lay Me Down

After the Last Tear Falls

In The Night



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