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Photo of the Week – Waiting for a Train

The sky bounded with beauty the other day providing a picturesque backdrop for this beautiful old church. I saw this while making a connecting between train at Newark Broad Street.



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Photo of the Week – Apple Picking

This past week the kids received an invite to pick apples from some friends’ trees. They had a great time!


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Photo of the Week – First Day of Preschool

Ceara started preschool this past week. She chose a special new lunch box, too. (yippee for hello kitty!)
Her teacher said that she had a Great Day. Woohoo!


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Suzanne Brewer – Great Music for The Journey

I first heard Suzanne sing as I walked by a coffee shop in Santa Cruz (LuLu’s, I think) in summer 2001. “11 Songs” helped as I transitioned into a new seasonal job at Mission Spring throughout the Fall of that year. That CD then traveled with me to Afghanistan and Kosovo as I did disaster response.


“Prone to Wander” came out just in time to begin my journey through seminary. I remember opening the cellophane and putting it in the CD even before I unpacked. Suzanne’s music then accompanied me to Jerusalem for a year and Paris, France for another year. My wife and I had some of the songs on our wedding playlist mix of music during the reception. The music encouraged us during our ministry for a few years in Latvia.


And today, as I endure the daily commute in and out of New York, I closed my eyes and journeyed back over a decade from the coffee shops in Santa Cruz where I heard her perform (and even a time or two with Josh Fox, I seem to recall) to a balcony and sunset in Northern Afghanistan to sidewalk caf├Ęs and coffee shops in Kosovo, Paris, Czech Republic and Amsterdam, to watching waves from the Baltic Sea crash on the beach in Latvia. At one point I think I even caught a scent of some freshly ground coffee and cinnamon…

Or maybe that was the guy’s latte next to me, and it was the scent of his latte mixed with her music that sent my mind on this wonderful journey of remembering – remembering faces and conversations, joys and concerns, uncertainties and God’s faithful provision.

I guess it is only appropriate that as I end this note Suzanne’s rendition of “It Is Well” from “11 Songs” plays in the headphones.

Thank you, Suzanne Brewer, for sharing your gift of music with the World, and in doing so, participating in God’s holy work of healing this World!

Check out her music here:
Suzanne’s Music

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Photo of the Week – Front Yard Visitors

We have had some visitors. Hanging out in the yard recently.
The kids love watching them – although they get a little too excited at times and their shrill voices scare them away.


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