We desire to participate in God’s holy work of healing the world as we attempt to live dazzling lives that “shout into the darkness and squeeze out sparks of light” in the ways in which we raise our awesome children and serve in the roles to which we have been called.

This blog contains the contents of our thoughts and represents us: not our church, our extended families nor our denominations. Please don’t blame anyone who happens to be associated with us for its contents – just us (We borrowed this disclaimer from a friend – thanks, Krista).

Some people ask us why we would want to share our reflections and musings in a blog. In attempting to articulate a concise answer I stumbled upon this quote, “We do not write to be understood. We write to understand.” I tried to do research on this quote. Some attribute it to Celia Day-Lewis while others attribute this quote to C.S. Lewis, either way, though, the words ring true for us as at least one reason why we blog.

Recently, Courtney served as the pastor at Cornerstone UMC in Saco, ME, and Dan served as the Global Ministries Mission Interpreter for the Northeastern Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church.

Currently, Courtney serves as the pastor of Mt. Horeb UMC and Springdale UMC in New Jersey. Dan serves Global Ministries as Executive Secretary for Selection and Accompaniment, and oversees the recruitment, application, and candidacy process for those interested in serving as missionaries with Global Ministries.

You can contact Dan regarding his work in the following ways:
e-mail: drandall@umcmission.org
Phone: +1.212.870.3851


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