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Grammar and Punctuation Make Me Happy :)

I like writing. Yes, writing as a means of conveying thoughts, ideas, and information, yet also the very act of composing those ideas. This did not come as a new revelation to me today, however it did bring a smile to my face while on the plane so I thought in would share. I recognize that I am not perfect with grammar or punctuation. And I know that I am not the most riveting of storytellers. Yet I love practicing describing scenes with words.

Two things in particular brought this to mind – both of them emails. The first happened when I received a request from someone asking about for some ideas on Scriptures they could use for a Bible study. I had fun choosing words for the response and trying to use punctuation in ways that would make the sentences more clear. The second occurred today as I wrote a silly email to Courtney. The act of selecting words – saying them to myself, experiencing how the tongue, lips, and cheeks play together – and then aligning them in accordance with certain logical (and at times illogical) rules reminds me of building something with of Legos.

Well, that’s all for now – just a brief note from the airplane.


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