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Photo of the Week – Bono and U2

Courtney and I discussed a way to have more of a consistent presence with this blog. We decided that we could start a weekly photo capturing something of our lives – whether an event or nature or outing – from the week.

What better way to start than with Bono from U2?

A few weeks ago we planned for me to fly into Philly on the 14th to meet up with Court's family at their reunion in NJ. On a whim last Saturday (the 9th) we looked for U2 tour dates this summer, and we found that they would be in Philly on the 14th! Court has never seen them, neither has her brother whose birthday is the 14th. So we bought the three cheapest tickets available just to have the experience.

We walked around the parking lot people-watching all of the tailgaters, and as I looked to my right I saw Bono lining up for a photo with some folks. Court, her brother, and I could not believe it. So instead of approaching and asking for our photo, too, we had a discussion about whether or not it was really Bono. By the time we decided it really was Bono he had gone back to the tour bus on a dozen yards away.

Oh, the show was awesome!


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